Monday, 27 March 2023

PATCHS – sign up with our new e-consultation system

Our new and easy e-consultation system called PATCHS is now live and we are encouraging all our patients to register to continue to get online advice and support from our GP practice.

PATCHS replaces our eConsult service. With PATCHS you can continue to access your GP services and make online requests quicky and easily.

How does PATCHS work?

You can get started using PATCHS in four simple steps:

  1. Register for a PATCHS account via your GP practice website. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and set a password.
  2. Once you have registered, you can access PATCHS by clicking the link on your GP website or accessing the PATCHS login via your mobile device or tablet, here you will enter your registered email address and password.
  3. Choose the appropriate option and answer a few simple questions to help your GP understand your problem.
  4. Your answers will be sent to your GP who responds as quickly as possible during their opening hours. Initial responses may be via online message or telephone, though face-to-face or video consultation appointments can be arranged if needed.

You can get more support to help you register with PATCHS here

What are the benefits of using PATCHS?

  1. Improved access to your GP practice. You can submit requests for help from your GP practice in your own time without having to wait on the phone to speak to a receptionist.
  2. Quick response. You will usually get a quicker response from a GP than having to wait for an appointment.
  3. Convenience. You can access a range of services including GP consultations, health advice, fit notes, medications, video consultations, and more online via PATCHS, without a visit to your GP practice.
  4. Easy to use. PATCHS is really simple to use – once you’ve registered you only need to answer a few questions to get help from your GP practice.
  5. Contact your GP practice in the way you prefer. Some people find it easier to describe their health problems more fully and accurately in writing than they could in a traditional telephone or face-to-face consultation. You can also take your time to answer questions, can review and edit them before submitting, and have a written record to refer back to in future.
  6. Support for those you care for. Carers can use PATCHS on behalf of patients who can't use PATCHS for themselves.

You can find out more about PATCHS here

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Published on Mon, 27 Mar 2023 14:14:17 GMT
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