Self-Referral & Self-Care

The NHS aims to empower all patients to self-care and to seek the most appropriate source of help for their condition. A GP appointment is not always the best option and may even lead to delays in treatment or a poorer standard of care. Studies show that up to 40% of consultations with the doctor are unnecessary. 

Please take a look at our leaflet below on how you can get the right help for your condition by self-referring.

Self-Referral Leaflet

Sefton CCGs support and signpost their residents to self-care solutions whenever possible and appropriate. Click below to view a Sefton CCG Medicines Self-Care policy, for minor illnesses and/or self-limiting conditions.

Sefton Medicines Self-Care Policy


Care at The Chemist

Did you know that you can get free, fast and expert health advice at any pharmacy in Sefton?

Our Care at the Chemist scheme is the quickest and easiest way to get advice and treatment from a health professional for a wide range of everyday illnesses and ailments – without even setting foot in your doctor’s surgery.

So, if you have a common or minor health problem, Care at the Chemist is for you. You don’t need an appointment and you’ll find a chemist close to home, with many open early until late.

For more information and a list of pharmacies signed up to the scheme please visit,

Please click below to find an up to date list of conditions and over the counter (OTC) medicines currently available on the scheme.

Care at the Chemist - List of Conditions and OTC Products